The Basics of Using a Proxy Server For Privacy and Security

A proxy server is essentially another computer system which serves as a center with which internet demands are processed.Proxies are used for a variety of reasons such as to filter web content, to walk around restrictions such as parental blocks, to evaluate uploads and downloads and to offer privacy when surfing the internet.

Using a Proxy Server For Privacy and Security

Why Use a Proxy?

If you are looking for surfing website anonymously then proxies are one of the best option for that.You can hide your computer ip address with the proxy.with the help of proxy you machine’s IP address would not be show but it will display the proxy ip address which you have been set to your this way or method you can get more privacy.there are lot’s of proxies are available in the internet if you just googling “List Of Proxy” then you will get the lot’s of list of the proxy some of the free proxy and some of the paid.

There are basically 4 types of proxy server

1) Transparent Proxy

2) Anonymous Proxy

3) Distorting Proxy

4) High Anonymity Proxy


How to Setup Proxy?

How to Setup proxy

You can have proxy setting option in all the web browser and it takes a minute by setting the proxy.

For Internet Explorer – 

– Open Internet Explorer.

– Click on the Tools menu (You will find it top right hand side corner)

– click on the Conntection Tab

– In Connection tab Click On the LAN Setting Button

– Check the Checkbox of “Use Proxy Server For your LAN

– Type your Proxy Ip address and port .

– Click Ok Button

Check your Ip Address.

For Firefox –

– open your Firefox browser

– Click on the Firefox button which are at the top left corner.

– Now Click on the options

– Click on the Advanced Tab Button

– Click on Settings

– Select Manual Proxy Settings

– Enter Your IP Address and Port in the HTTP Proxy Box then Click OK

Check your Ip Address.

For Chrome –

– Open your chrome Browser

– Click On the customize and control button(You will find it at top right corner)

– Click On settings in the menu.

– Click on Network (Click on Advanced Setting if you can not see the Network option)

– Click on the Change Proxy Settings button

– Click on LAN settings

– Check the Check box “Use a Proxy Server For your LAN

– Enter IP Address and Port of your Proxy

– Click OK

Check your Ip address.


Where Can I Buy Proxy ?

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