Build up Your Hair in Few Minute

October 8, 2014 Health


Hair Plus Fiber is one of the great product to thicken your hair with natural process. Hair Plus Fiber Contain gossypium herbaceum is perfect for the people who have less hair and who wants to get thicken hair.

By Utilizing this Stuff you can have thick hair in few seconds and you can get a great look. It have also different color chart.

How to Use?

Dry your hair before use then carefully shake the hair Fiber onto any areas of thinning hair. Style your hair to guarantee the Fiber has the ability to reach every trouble area. Store the product in a dry location and reseal snugly after each use.


This product is just for external use. In the event of irritability or any rash appearing, cease use right away. Stay clear of contact with eyes; if contact takes place, wash extensively with water. Ensure the product is safely stored from the reach of Children.

What Are The Ingredients ?

Gossypium Herbaceum fiber

Natural mineral colorants (iron oxide)

Color Chart

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Other Hair care products

1) Shampoo

Hair plus Shampoo is useful for removing the oils, skin particles, dandruff and environmental pollutants.

2) Hair Sprays

Hair plus Spray is the simple product which is prayed on your hair to keep it stiff or in different style.

3) Hair Gels

Hair plus Gel is very useful to build your hair with wavy and Curly Style.

4) Conditioners

Hair plus conditioner is the best product which alters the texture and appearance of your hair.

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