Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

October 18, 2014 Health


Dark Chocolate is one of the best for the human health it contain nutrients which is positively impact on your health.Dark Chocolate made from cocoa tree which is one of the best source of anti-oxidants on the earth.research says that Dark chocolate is one of the best for the health because it reduce the heart disease problems.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

There are several Dark Chocolate Benefits.

1) It is good for your health :

Research show that taking dark chocolate once or twise per week it would be good to control your blood pressure and it prevent the bloog clots.

2) It control heart disease :

Dark Chocolate includes flavonoids which works as Anti-oxidants. When you go out side in the sunlight or when you smoke at that time the harmful molecules which is called as radicals produced so Flavonoids secaure the cells of Radicals & it also reduce the risk of the blood pressure and Cholesterol.

3) It is Good for your skin :

Bioactive component is one of the best in dark chocolate which is very helpful for your skin.It secaure from the skin damage from the sun light and increase the blood flow level.

4) It is good for your brain :

Dark chocolate contains a number of chemical substances that have a favorable result on your mood and cognitive health.Chocolate consists of phenylethylamine (PEA), the very same chemical your brain develops when you feel like you’re falling in consists of caffeine, a mild stimulant but less caffeine with the compare of it is good for your mind to feel good.

5) It control blood sugar :

Dark chocolate assists to keep your capillary healthy & your blood circulation unimpaired to secure against type two diabetes.The flavonoids in dark chocolate also helps in reducing insulin resistance by helping your cells to operate typically and regain the capability to utilize your body’s insulin effectively.Dark chocolate also has a low glycemic index, by implying that it will not trigger big spikes in blood sugar levels.

6) It contain High Vitamins & Minerals

Dark Chocolate consist several vitamins & minerals which helps to your consist several vitamins & minerals like Copper,Iron,Potassium etc.In Dark Chocolate there is a large amount of copper and potassium which are helpful to give protection from stroke & Cardiovascular ailments.Iron also play the good role to reduce anemia.

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