LADY-COMP®- An Easy To Use Natural Fertility Computer

April 21, 2015 Health


Lady CompBirth control is also known as contraception, it is designed to prevent pregnancy, natural birth control is the safest of all birth control methods, it does not involves the use of drugs or chemicals, there is an added advantage to this; it’s very much inexpensive, whenever the decision is made to get pregnant then it is very easy to do so.

People are looking for alternatives to drugs and chemicals, we want to keep our bodies free of these things, by not taking these pills, there are safer ways to avoid pregnancy with fewer risks. But the problem as always been about finding the right and efficient natural ways to avoid pregnancy. Our generation is more active sexually than our grandparents; many people believe that natural birth control is not just safe enough, so they risk taking drugs or pills even when they know that these things are dangerous to their bodies

With more breakthroughs in science and technology comes different products that are designed to make life better, with regards to natural birth control, an intelligent, natural birth control computer has been developed, this is a computer that learns, scrutinizes and indicates ovulation, the best among these kinds of devices is LADY-COMP

Lady-Comp is a next generation computer that studies, analyses and indicate ovulation with 99.3% premium accuracy, it is free from every form of invasive hormones and side effects, it is the most trusted and recommended natural contraception in Europe

How Lady-Comp Work

Our natural birth control device is designed to precisely determine and display ovulation period in the female body. It utilizes the slight change in temperature cause by ovulation in the female body, when the temperature is measured by the monitor (these should be done every morning you wake up), the computer automatically assesses the data and immediately determines your fertility pattern.

There are indicators that lit up to show your fertility phase; the red indicator indicates that you are fertile, while the green indicates that you are currently infertile. These indicators are 99.3% reliable!



  1. Lady-Comp Fertility Manager

This is simple and non-invasive, top rated fertility device comes with two AAA batteries and it can be synchronized with your computer

 1.	Lady-Comp Fertility Manager

  1. LADY-COMP® basic

This is a state of the art fertility monitor, it is designed to help you monitor your fertility and menstrual cycle, it is very accurate and reliable, it was designed by a group of software specialists and top gynecologists. It is very easy and convenient to use.

 LADY-COMP® basic

  1. PEARLY®

This is a smaller and natural birth control computer, it is flawless and highly dependable for everyday use. The size of this computer is 2.5 X 4 inches, it is also battery operated and very easy to carry.

 Lady Comp PEARLY

  1. LADY-COMP® Classic

 Lady Comp Classic

This device is trusted by Thousands of women around the world. It is proven performer and highly sophisticated. It is equipped with a charging unit, it only needs to be charged every four weeks (approximately). It has enjoyed thousands of top rated customer reviews around the world.

Get Pregnant Fast

When you are no longer afraid of getting pregnant and will like to have a baby, we have a product for just that;

  1. LADY-COMP® Baby 

Lady Comp babyThis devise accurately defines the best time to get pregnant; this is achieved using your morning temperature. You can rely on it without worries because it is designed to alert you on the days you are most fertile during your menstrual cycle.

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