What are LED Lights?

November 17, 2014 Electronics


What are LED Lights

LED is representing as “Light Emitting Diode”. It is Semi-Conductor Gadget which transfer the electrical energy into Light.LED Lights are one of the most incredibly energy reliable which utilizing Less than Eighty Five percent of energy with the compare of other equipment it means it save so much electricity bill.

In today modern era, LED Light took the best place in everywhere for example at home, office etc. It is one of the best sources of energy that reduce the electricity bills and giving more features which are below.

  • It is Energy Efficient

LED Lights are Energy effective because in a basic halogen lamp it has 50W and 45W energy is used by heating of the halogen and rest of the 5 Walt is used in the light. With the compare of LED light of 50W then LED will used 7.5W for heating and rest of the power is used into the light.LED Lights are not only the Energy reliable but also it is cost effective because it have low cost with the compare of halogen and other equipments.

  • It has Low maintenance

LED Light has longer life with the compare of incandescent bulbs so It decrease the chances of Lamp failure. It has lower chances to burn and stop working with the comparison of Incandescent bulbs. It is considerable as cost saving.

  • Immediate Switching

LED Illuminate instantly when you powered on, so it is one of the best benefit for some greatest task for example as we can see the traffic signal, LED used in traffic signal and traffic signal are frequently change for certain times. So it is one of best for immediate switching and lighting. When you start LED light it quickly begins with complete brightness so you don’t need to take any back-up of light.

  • More Secure

                     LED Lights are more secure with the compare of Incandescent bulbs because they produce no heating and they so cool. In Contrast of Incandescent bulbs they expels 90% of energy through heating so incandescent bulbs are so hot, LED Lamp can minimize the capacity of heating for security risk like as burring and fire. A Lot of LED bulbs start with low voltage so they are cool and more secure for managing throughout setup and maintenance.

  • No Noise

Incandescent bulbs are well-known as being loud, particularly when you have been utilized them for substantial time. when you are using them for a long time, Incandescent bulbs have the tendency to produce popping noise and clicking noise, Incandescent bulbs are typically utilized in workplace because they sidetracking. LED Light doesn’t have this type of issue it works quietly without any irritating noise and you can work much time with the compare of incandescent bulbs.

I hope these 5 leading advantages of LED Light encourage you. So if you do not use LED light then it is the chance to use it and saving more money by saving electricity bill.

Where can I buy LED Light?

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