Pros & Cons of Distance Learning

November 23, 2014 Education


Pros & Cons of Distance Learning

In today’s modern era, Education becomes more flexible. In field of Education Distance Education have the most important for those who wants to work and to study. Distance learning education is one of the most part of education by sharing knowledge to the student .student can get their particular course knowledge at anywhere in the world just they need to one internet connection and computer, with distance learning education becomes more fast because student need not to go the college or classroom they can get their knowledge on the internet. There are many pros of distance education which we are discussing below.

Advantages of Distance Learning :

Advantages of Distance Learning

  • It is more flexible :-

as we discuss above with distance learning, education becomes more flexible because it is one of the most important who wants to study further or who are not able to attend the full time course and those who wants to do part time jobs, Students need not to go to the classroom or university to attend the course just they can get all the course from the internet with particular university they can get online study on their computer just they need to register with the particular online course, so it is more hassle free for student without needing to press in arranged classes to hectic life.

  • Most useful to save time and Energy :-

With distance learning you can save too much time and energy for study, for example you can stay in Edinburgh and pursue your interested course that is offered in London. You need not to go London. You can learn same course in Edinburgh. By this way you can save your travelling time or energy.

  • It is best for Self-motivation :-

With distance education, the development of the streak of self inspiration is likewise an essential element of your growth. The self directed element of distance learning approach in turn assists cultivate this streak.

  • Access your study material at any time :-

This is one of the most benefits of distance learning education, you can get your study material at anytime & anywhere, you can download your study material from your university’s website where you are pursue your online course, so you can get 24X7 access facility for the study material.

  • You can earn as well as study :-

For those people who are working and in requirement for expert improvement in their field, distance learning education is specifically advantageous. For the improvement of credentials, you need not quit your job. The Versatility of distance education will certainly assist accommodate both study & Earning.

These are the pros of the distance learning education as we know that every coins have two side one is good and the other is bad so same like as distance learning also have some drawback which are below.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning :

  • No Direct Contact of Instructor :-

Absence of individual communication with instructors typically impacts the learning curve for the students. It is significant drawback of distance learning. Turning with abundant books without any coach or instructor to assist you can be frustrating.

  • Absence of Discipline :-

If you don’t have any teacher behind you, advising you of due dates, requesting for your project, there are possibilities that you will not take distance learning seriously. You have to be fully grown and regimented to take complete pros of distance learning education.

Which is the best place for Distance Learning? :

If you are ready to pursue your course in distance learning and you have not any idea that where you should join for the distance learning then here are some of the best institutes which offers distance learning

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