Top 5 Fitness Programs & The Reason Why They Work

June 20, 2015 Health

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Lack of commitment is one of the primary reasons that most people quit their exercise programs, or let me say that some people are just lazy!  Therefore,I have put together 5 fitness programs to get you revved up!
So, You are so determined to get into shape this year, and this time you mean it (you really mean business this year).what you need to do is to identify the activity that is ideal for you. with the explosion of knowledge in todays world, there are lots of training options available (good ones) – Now, beyond the sets and reps in your garage or perhaps at your local gym. Listed below are a number of widely used fitness exercises you might want to try this year.

  1.  Small Group Training

Small Group Training

What makes this type of training good is that the work outs differ from day to day, and like we all know, motivation can be built up or maintained when there are vieties especially with work outs. You have sessions that are typically focused on strength, flexibility, drills and cardiovascular. What is best about it is that you do have a trainer and of course your fellow participants to teach and encourage you to keep on pushing yourself.

  1. Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling

Do you have excess calories that you like to burn off? Then this might be a perfect exercise for you. like the group training described above, you also have a trainer/instructor that will guide you through exercises. These exercises are varied as well which makes them great in terms of motivation. The instructor will guide you to decrease or increase your cycling speed and adding tension and position throughout the class. These routines will serve to keep the class very interesting while burning calories.

  1. Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness

This is especially great for strength training, if your goal is to train to improve power, balance, endurance and coordination to perform your day to day tasks. Instead of training for movements that your body isn’t used to naturally, functional fitness will work to develop coordination and muscle skills for regular tasks that everyone can profit from.

  1. Boxing


Boxing has a sport has been around for some time, but it can be enjoyed by anybody as a fun and thrilling way to realize your health and fitness goals. There are a lot of movements involved in boxing; skipping, running, sit-ups, hooks to high kicks and of course punches! What this does is to make you fitter anaerobically and aerobically.

Now, I will advise you to follow the tips below before trying the programs above:

  • You should always get some advice from your doctor before you begin a new program
  • Proper Clothing and footwear is essential
  • Ensure you stay hydrated before , during and after your work outs
  • Always seek advice from nutritionists and professionals
  • And of course, HAVE FUN!

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  • workout routines January 25, 20167:43 pm

    I like this article because I’m more into the functional fitness, I like a more natural approach so all of these are very good. I’ve never tried boxing but that’s something i might look into into the future.



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